Planning your next holiday? Avail up to 30% discount on flight, hotel bookings on credit card offers and promotions.

Those who are planning for a trip, they can get the opportunity of getting up to 30 per cent discount on travel at MakeMyTrip. The individuals possessing State Bank of India (SBI) credit card will be able to avail this benefit.

The Indian economy took a hit with the pandemic taking away the tourism industry globally. Whilst India is known for its manufacturing and other various business hub situations there is also a beautiful parts of India that more or less depend on the tourism industry to survive and these areas play a major part in the economy of India.

But these cities became like ghost town with the pandemic coming and curtailing travel in every form. It was not just the internationals that were not allowed to travel but the locals also.

Banks of India had to come up with a solution to this problem and the answer was clear it was to give offer and promotions of credit cards. Hotels and local airlines were only happy to take part in these offers as the borders were finally opening and it meant that business would begin to boom.

Most credit cards holder’s locals and internationals were happy to see such amazing offers being given by the hotels and sir lines and travel plans were now in the process of being made.

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